Our Story

I think a part of us all enjoy plants animals and farming so here's a little about us -  

I went into working at various farms, including organic vegetable, nurseries and tree farms. On the side I started to grow various crops like lettuce and blueberries indoors and in a leased field. My family started to grow, I decided to go into HVAC, but when COVID 19 came I got laid off. That's when I took a serious look at what I truly wanted to do, what I truly loved doing from a young age, farming. 

We took a leap of faith and went into microgreen growing. Starting with the basics like radish and peas slowly we realized we wanted to grow more and do more including mushrooms hence we made Casi Paraiso Organics!

Our mission is to be able to provide local produce at gourmet quality! We pride in giving our local restaurants and homes with always fresh and delicious produce! 

We hope you'll enjoy our page , progress, and organically grown produce as much as we do! Best of Wishes , and stay safe!