Pea Shoots

Sweet, fresh pea taste. Speckled, organic.


Onion taste that can add color and flavor to any micro salad. They look like tiny scallions


Ruffled, two-toned leaves with licorice flavor. Silvery-green leaves with purple undersides. Garnish desserts with micro shiso for a unique color combination and subtle licorice flavor.

Amaranth Red Garnet

Mild, earthy flavor. Attractive fuchsia stems and leaves

Chinese Cabbage, Kogane

Mildly sweet cabbage flavor. Bright green leaves.

Wheat Grass

Hard Red Winter Organic

Cabbage, Red

Mild brassica flavor with a touch of heat. Dark-green, glossy leaves with purple vein and leaf margin. 

Rainbow Chard, Beet Mix

A bright and cheerful mix. Red and green, lofty leaves as well as a rainbow of stem and vein colors: bright and light pink, orange, red, and yellow.


Mild dill flavor. Feathery leaves, finely textured.

Radish, Confetti Mix

A vibrant, mildly spicy blend of purple and green radish leaves with red, purple, and pink stems.

Popcorn Shoots

Amazingly sweet and delicious corn shoots. Amazing taste and stunning yellow shoot.

Black Oil Sunflower

Crunchy, nutty, fresh.

Spicy Salad Mix

Flavorful and colorful. Contains: Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Arugula, Red Cabbage & Southern Giant Mustard for an extra kick.


Intricate green leaves with cilantro flavor.


Shiny green leaves, traditional basil flavor.


Lemony, very attractive, variegated red

Feisty Pea Tendrils

Highest tendril count for garnishes.

Wasabi, Mustard

Brassica juncea, large green leaves with wavy edges and a fun wasabi-like bite.


"The Cucumber Microgreen"


Delicate green plant, Nutty and mild, pea-like flavor, great source of vitamins add to green smoothies.

Kale, Red Russian

Mild kale flavor. Textured leaves with purple stems. 

Beets, Bulls Blood

Tender with earthy, spinach-like flavor. Lofty deep red, burgundy leaves and stems.


Mild broccoli flavor. Dark green leaves with long stems.


Spicy, nutty flavor. Purple stems and dark green leaves.

Lemon Basil

Fresh, Mildy lemony yet still basil like great for cocktails that need a kick of summer

Lemon Balm

Somewhat reminiscent of Lavender or Mint with citrus. Lemon balm is a fantastic herb. Its the Balm Diggity


Empress of India

Colorful stems flat large leaf, slightly peppery